Sticky Whiteboard Sheet & 5 Markers YELLOW - Clever Fridge Magnets

Sticky Whiteboard Sheet & 5 Markers YELLOW

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Yellow Magnet Receptive Dry Erase Sheet and 5 whiteboard pens. The product is sticky on the back, you peel away the backing sheet and press onto most clean, dry surfaces. Then on the front you can "write on and wipe off" with dry erase pens. Perfect for the kitchen, garage or office. Use this any place you need a whiteboard.

In the cap of the markers there is an eraser and a magnet to hold it to the sheet. You can also use whiteboard "super pins" on this. Magnets will stick to it and will hold on firmly.

This product is only available in A4 size sheets. 210mm x 297mm. The super pin and the " I love you" magnet in the photo are not included in the pack.

Please Note : this not a magnet - this product will not stick to metal surfaces like a fridge magnet without the use of the sticky back.

Handy Definitions:
WHITEBOARD MAGNET - like a fridge magnet, it sticks to steel (not stainless steel) surfaces, but magnets don’t stick to it, write on - wipe off surface (available in this section also)
MAGNETIC RECEPTIVE SHEET - has sticky back to stick to any surface and magnets will stick to it, write on - wipe off surface. (this product)