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Magnetic Number & Letter Sheets

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Really useful Magnetic Numbers and Letters with full magnet backing. - 1 sheet of each per pack. Sheet size is 235mm x 320mm. Numbers are 25mm (2.5cm) wide - 43mm or (4.3cm) high. Black Bold print on white magnet. Ideal for storage lockers, cabinets and shop signage, schools and homework.

Magnetic Letters - 1 sheet, Magnetic Numbers - 1 sheet, Sheet size is 235mm x 320mm. Letters are 20mm - 37mm wide ( depending on the letter), Numbers are 25mm (2.5cm) wide depending on the number. Numbers and Letters are 43mm or (4.3cm) high.

Whats on the Letter sheetA x 3, B x 2, C x 2, D x 2, E x 4, F x 2, G x 2, H x 2, I x 3, J x 1, K x 1, L x 2, M x 2, N x 3, O x 2, P x 2, Q x 1, R x 3, S x 3, T x 3, U x 3, V x 2, W x 1, X x 1, Y x 1, Z x 2. ( total 55) with various punctuation marks ( total 16)

Whats on the Number sheet9 magnets each of number one and zero total 18 magnet, 5 magnets each of two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, total 35 magnets, 2 plus signs +, 2 multiplication signs X, 2 division signs, 2 minus signs -, 2 equals signs =, 1 percentage sign % and 1 dollar sign $, total 12 magnets.

Will hold onto any steel surface. Please note: Stainless steel is not steel and magnet do not hold on it, If in doubt please get a magnet and try it on the surface before purchase.